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Fivefold Relief

We at Toyo Hitec offer a sense of fivefold relief at the time of selling maintained machines.

We never make an irresponsible sale.

Usable immediately

1Usable immediately

Every maintained machine is usable immediately, with rotating parts inspected, some parts replaced with new ones as needed. A motor inspection certificate comes with a machine. A commissioning is conducted and a data is provided. The goods in stock for a long time are also maintained and tested prior to a shipment.

Inspection Certificate

2Inspection Certificate

An inspection certificate comes with a maintained machine, which shows plainly as to how the machine is maintained.

Certificate of Pre-Shipment Inspection

3Certificate of Pre-Shipment Inspection

A no-load running test is usually conducted for an hour. The current value, vibration, oil leak, etc. are checked.

After-Sales Service

4After-Sales Service

At the customer' s request, consumable goods are provided for a price and our engineers are dispatched as fare-paying services.

Test with use of real powder

5Test with use of real powder

At the customer”Ēs request, a test with use of real powder(s) is available for a price. After the completion of verification test of the machine, the customer can buy it with an easy mind. We apologize in advance for that a test may not be available for some machines.

We maintain machinery responsibly and commit to a machinery maintenance putting ourselves in the mind of the customer. Rest assured that every effort is made. Feel free to contact us if there is anything that isn't clear.

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