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We are the one and only one company specializing in the purchase, sales, and leasing of secondhand powder-handling equipment in Japan.

Exhibiting more than 1,500 units of reconditioned equipment

Visit us and find a machine that is safe and operative immediately from the same day, at reasonable cost.

Fifty years of experience in powder-handling machines

Contact Toyo Hitec for sales and purchase of secondhand powder-handling equipment.

Handling items

Conveying, Feeding and Discharging

Aspecs, Auto-Feeders, Coil-Type Screws, Belt Conveyors, Dense-Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems, Circle Feeders, Sanitary Rotary Valves, Vibration Feeders, Screw Conveyors, Screw Feeders, Slide Gates, Double-Dumpers, Table Feeders, Electromagnetic Feeders, Highpressos, Butterfly Valves, Plug Masters, Bridge Breakers, Breaker Boys, Branch Switching Valves, Eccentric Hoppers, Hopper Scales, Round Hoppers, Moineau Pumps, Rotary Valves, and Rotary Feeders

Mixing and Kneading

Triple-Roll Equipment, SV Mixers, V-type Mixers, W-Cones, Agitators, Cross-Mixers, Sigma Kneaders, Super Mixers, Cement Mixers, Turbulizers, Double Cones, Twin Rapids, Nauta Mixers, Kneaders, Butterfly Mixers, Reverse Mixers, Flow Jet Mixers, Baby Mixers, Bell Mixs, Henschel Mixers, Hot Kneaders, Rotary Containers, Ribbon Blenders, Reokneaders, Loedige Mixers, and Rocking Mixers

Crushing and Cracking

ACM Pulverizers, Atomizers, Counter Jet Mills, Cutter Mills, Cage Mills, Sample Mills, Jet Mills, Free Crushers, Vibration Mills, Speed Mills, Pulverizers, Power Mills, Hammer Mills, Fine Grinders, Pin Mills, Fitz Mills, Feather Mills, Flash Mills, Crushing Plants, Ball Mills, Miltongos, and Roll Mills

Classification and Screening

Air Classifiers, Sato Vibrating Sieving Machines, Vibrating Screens, Vibrating Sieves, Gyro Sifters, Turbo Screeners, Ultrasonic Sieves, Hi-Boltas, Micron Separators, and Rotary Sifters

Granulation and Drying

Extruders, Extrusion Granulators, Stirring Granulators, Spray Dryers, Torus Discs, Basket Ryuzers, Paddle Dryers, Medium Slurry Dryers, Crushing Granulators, Fine Ryuzers, Briquetting Machines, Flow Coaters, Slurry Granulation Dryers, and Roller Compactors

Dust Collection and Blowing

Dry Dust Collectors, Cyclones, Sirocco Fans, Turbo Blowers, Bag Filters, Pulse Airs, Ring Blowers, Root Blowers, and Rotary Blowers


Impulse Sealers, Centrifuges, Auto Checkers, Metal Detectors, Measuring Equipment, Weighing Equipment, Magnetic Separators, Automatic Measuring and Filling Machines, Vacuum Pumps, Screw Decanters, Bean Paste Wrapping Machines, Vibrators, Balancers, Magnets, Lifters, Low-Tap Shakers, and Roller Conveyors